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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the EQSF? Is the EQSF affiliated with Exxon Corporation?

A: The "EQSF" is the Exxon Qualified Settlement Fund. It was established to distribute any settlement monies received by All Plaintiffs from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill litigation. The EQSF is NOT affiliated with Exxon Corporation. Judge Holland approved All Plaintiffs' request to establish the EQSF as a means of distributing to plaintiffs monies recovered in the litigation from Exxon. Judge Holland appointed plaintiffs’ attorney Lynn Lincoln Sarko, of the Keller Rohrback L.L.P. law firm of Seattle, as the Administrator of the EQSF.

Q: How were individual claimant shares determined? Can those shares be changed?

A: Shares are calculated within each claim category pursuant to the Plans of Distribution approved by Judge Holland. The Plans of Distribution are final orders that cannot be changed. As claims are processed, each claimant receives a final percent share letter explaining how the claimant's share was calculated and setting forth rights of appeal. Once those rights of appeal have been exercised or expire, final percent shares cannot be changed.

Q: How does the EQSF make distributions?

A: The EQSF will issue checks, unless a claimant has elected to receive his or her award by direct deposit to a checking or savings account. The EQSF is no longer accepting new direct deposit requests.

Q: Are punitive damages taxable?

A: Yes. The EQSF cannot give tax advice. However, the EQSF has been advised that the entire amount of your punitive damage award must be reported as taxable to the IRS. You should check with your accountant or tax adviser.

Q: Why have I not received any recent mail from the EQSF?

A: Either we have had no reason to mail anything to you, or your mailing address is incorrect. If you have recently moved or changed where you receive your mail, please contact the EQSF to update your mailing.

Q: I received a check for zero dollars. Why? Does that mean I will not receive any more money?

A: Typically, checks for zero dollars are issued when a claimant has been overpaid from a prior claims distribution and/or is subject to a lien. Depending upon the degree of overpayment or the size of the lien, a claimant may or may not receive more money. Each situation is unique; please contact us if you have questions about your specific claims.

Q: Is it too late to file a claim?

A: Yes. The deadline for filing claims in each of the more than 50 claim categories has expired.

Q: What will happen to my claims if I die?

A: In general, your claims should pass to your estate. For more information on estates, click here. You are strongly encouraged to consult with an estate planning lawyer of your choice.

Q: What will happen to any claims which are unable to be distributed for any reason?

A: Beginning in 2013, the EQSF will start transferring any undistributed funds to the Unclaimed Property administration for the last known state of residence for that claimant. For more information on Unclaimed Property, please click here.

Q: Does the EQSF require documentation to record a name change due to marriage or divorce?

A: Yes, for information on how to change your name, click here.


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